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Wall St Gunslinger

Jun 4, 2022

I have had $SHOP in the back of my head for a few years. It started when I launched a T-Shirt business in school and used Shopify to power the store.

We shut it down 4 months later but not before making enough profit to pay for a few weekends. What I should have done was take the profits and bought $SHOP when it was $90 a share. Oh wait, I did that too but after reading The Intelligent Investor for the first time I sold it at $150 because there was little quantitative logic to make the valuation rational.

After reading some articles about the company and its founder my interest grew even more. Combine this with a falling stock price and we have a real interest. 

I tell the whole story here and go over why I think it's interesting. I hope you enjoy it. 

Peace and Love,

Disclosure: the Family Fund is long SHOP at the time of this recording. 




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