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Wall St Gunslinger

Feb 27, 2022

A crazy week for the world and a crazy week for markets. Here are my top five. I hope you enjoy it. Find the written format of this article at the link below. 
Peace and Love,





Feb 25, 2022

Here is my deep dive on 🚗 $AZO, it's been a wonderful business to study, and since I have been born the share price has been a 100x so they must be doing something right. I hope you enjoy getting into the weeds with me. 

Peace and Love,

Disclosure: I am not long $AZO but my parents are and we discuss...

Feb 20, 2022

Today I try soemthing new, I take the top 5 things I have found valuable this week and bring them to you. This Week's Top 5 is:

1) The Market Hive Episode with Dan McMurtie 
2) Buisness Brew with Chris Cerrone
3) The Capital Cities Chapter from The Deals of Warren Buffett by Glen Arnold
4) Ichan: The Restless...

Feb 9, 2022

I wanted to get my thesis and the assumptions/risk analysis around my BTN investment out into the universe. I hope it provides some clarity as to the thinking behind the move and the risks associated with it. Enjoy.


Some helpful links:

Ballantyne Strong Research Report: Ballantyne Strong

Twebs GreenFirst...

Feb 4, 2022

For the inaugural episode of Wall St Gunslinger, I do a deep dive on Ballantyne Strong a small holding company run by an activist investor compromised of 1 operational asset and 3 investments.  I hope this discussion lets you see what is under the hood of BTN and its affiliates. Enjoy it.