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Wall St Gunslinger

Sep 4, 2023

This is a name I have watched from afar continue to beat my own expectations time and time again.

I have told myself, "It's too expensive" more times than I would like to admit without doing any real digging but after a deeper dive the success is obvious. They have continued to execute a sound strategy that has not only increased net income steadily over time but also dropped the share count.

In this episode I go over what makes NVR different from other home builders, why they are able to produce so much cash, and what they do with this cash that has juiced shareholder returns for the past two decades.

It was a pleasure to study the name and I can say without hesitation it is a company of very high quality. Right now, it still remains on my watchlist. Should this change you will know. Leaving it on the watchlist might continue to be a mistake but we will see with time.






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